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Eval11 Session 484: Evaluation Tools of Environmental and Welfare Effects in Tekes Funding 

10-28-2011 06:46

A goal of my paper is to determine meta evaluation results of Tekes funding, Finland. These results describe the socioeconomic effects that are defined in new Tekes strategy and focus areas implemented in 2011. In new Tekes strategy, I have selected two main goals to my paper. Those are i) natural resources and sustainable economy, and ii) wellbeing of citizens. These new goals are implemented in impact model of Tekes, which concentrates on the effects of public R&D financing on the whole economy and society. In my paper, I build up a framework of longer term societal welfare effects by focusing on the results of meta evaluation, Tekes strategic goals of environment and welfare, and Tekes impact model. My aim is to find more suitable road-maps how Tekes funding and activities can be grouped to more controllable items.

#2011Conference #welfare #environment #Tekesfunding #Research,Technology,andDevelopmentEval

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