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Engaging Youth in Process and Outcomes Evaluations of an Out-of-School-Time Program

In this presentation the means utilized and the results obtained from engaging youth in process and outcomes evaluations of an out-of-school-time program will be presented

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Eval12 Session 769: Ignite Your engagement: Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Issues Explored Through Ignite Presentations

The presentation is about one important cultural dimension the power distance in explaining the relationship between empowerment and evaluation outcomes and the moderating effect of supports from high-social-status stakeholders. The presentation helps evaluators to raise their awareness of the perception of the cultural difference not only of the nation but also within the organization when they try to get stakeholders involved in programs

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The Common Outcomes Process of the United Way of Greater Houston

In this presentation, the underlying vision, purposes and history of the "Common Outcomes Process" of the United Way of Greater Houston (UWGH) along with an assessment of that process and outcomes evaluation findings from three "affinity groups" will be discussed. Central to this presentation will be the theme of how the UWGH facilitated the empowerment of affinity groups of like- services providers to evaluate common outcomes utilizing like measures, data collection, and data reporting methods

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