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Eval16 - Are We There Yet? Applying Rapid Cycle Learning Methods to Evaluation within a Foundation’s Program Design

In this panel presentation we discussed: 1) How RWJF shifted its evaluation focus from accountability to learning and prioritized rapid cycle learning (RCL); 2) How the evaluation team worked with RWJF to plan for and integrate RCL tools; and 3) How integrating RCL within the design phase positioned RWJF for learning during program implementation

AEA 2016_RCL panel slides 11.20.2016_FINAL.pdf

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Webinar Handout - Using Universal Design To Make Your Evaluation More Accessible To People With Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations

The session will include an introduction to universal design (the concept of designing products or programs so that they are accessible to everyone) as well as some practical strategies and tools for making evaluations more inclusive at every stage

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Design Thinking: What Is It and Why Should Evaluators Care? (Evaluation 2014, Session 234)

To encourage participants to explore how design thinking could improve their evaluation efforts, the facilitators of this Think Tank session will provide a brief overview of design thinking concepts and tools, along with examples of how it has been applied to evaluation and organizational learning efforts

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From Problem to Prototype: Applying Design Thinking to Organizational Learning (Evaluation 2015, Session 1414)

Session 1414, Evaluation 2015: Design Thinking for Exemplary Evaluation: Three Examples of Design for Evaluation and Organizational Learning While the other presenters in the panel will describe the application of design thinking to program evaluation, this presentation will focus on a...


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Webinar Handout: You + Graphic Design = Love/Money/Happiness

This is a handout to accompany the webinar. "Death by PowerPoint" isn't true. Poor design won't kill your audience literally - just their attention and the likelihood they'll use your findings. Join Stephanie Evergreen from the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University to learn the 3...

You Handout.pdf

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Eval13: Session 603 - Collaborative and Inclusive Design of an International Shared Measurement System

The presentation from Jeremy Paley and Aimee White about creating a international shared measurement system for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation #sharedindicators #collaborativedesign #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval ...

Final CIMS AEA presentation Oct 2013.pdf