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Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: Examples from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Session: 1103 AEA 2015 in Chicago, IL "… You will finish this workshop knowing what "cost studies" all too often are, and what cost-inclusive evaluation can and should be. You will see how evaluations that include resources used the program, plus resources generated by the program, can help...

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Involving program clients as participants: practiced based advice for better cost-inclusive evaluation

slides for my presentation at AEA 2013. - Brian Yates #costcostbenefitcosteffectivenessTreasurer #2013Conference #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics

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Eval11 Session 760: Starting Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

Participants learn the basics of four common, alternative strategies for modeling, evaluating, managing, and systematically improving key relationships between resources consumed and outcomes produced in health and human service: cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis,...

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Eval11 Session 707: Valuing Program Outcomes Relative to Program Costs to Improve Both: Alternative Forms of Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

"Value" can be understood as referring not only to what the outcomes of a good or service are likely to be, but also to how those outcomes compare to what we anticipate sacrificing to achieve those outcomes. This form of evaluation compares the worth of outcomes to the worth of resources...

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CBD052: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health and Human Services Programs – Edward Broughton

Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar are attached and publicly downloadable. Click here to access a recording of this coffee break webinar. Webinar recordings are available to AEA members only and you will be asked to sign in. Webinar Description: As the cost of health and...


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An Introduction to Economic Evaluation Slides from SI10

Sessions Description: Economic evaluation refers to applied analytic methods used to identify, measure, value, and compare the costs and consequences of programs and interventions. This course provides an overview of these methods, including cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), and...


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Cost Analysis 101

This was presented at Evaluation 2009 in Orlando. The goal of the demonstration was to prove evaluators with an overview of the factors that must be considered when designing a cost-analysis. Cost analysis is much more complex than most evaluators recognize. This session was design to let...

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