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Eval11 Session 760: Starting Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

Participants learn the basics of four common, alternative strategies for modeling, evaluating, managing, and systematically improving key relationships between resources consumed and outcomes produced in health and human service: cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and cost-utility analysis

AEA 2011 Starting Cost-Inclusive Evaluation.pdf

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Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: Examples from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Session: 1103 AEA 2015 in Chicago, IL "… You will finish this workshop knowing what "cost studies" all too often are, and what cost-inclusive evaluation can and should be. You will see how evaluations that include resources used the program, plus resources generated by the program, can help programs flourish. In addition, you will understand the basic tools for conducting and using several forms of cost-inclusive evaluation in your program and in your decisions" #costinclusiveevaluation #cost-effectiveness #cost-benefit

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Involving program clients as participants: practiced based advice for better cost-inclusive evaluation

slides for my presentation at AEA 2013. - Brian Yates #costcostbenefitcosteffectivenessTreasurer #2013Conference #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics

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Focus Search - ACTIVITIES (examples) • intake • assessment • diagnosis • assignment to team • social skills • ongoing assessment • relapse prevention • transition to self- management PROCESSES (examples) • heightened client expectation of success • acquisition of social skills • acquire relapse prevention skills • acquire self- management skills OUTCOMES (examples) • improved functioning • less drug use • more income • more productivity • less use of health services • less use of criminal justice services types of cost studies • cost only • program cost ... cost per client per visit • outcomes (monetary) only • cost → outcome • cost → benefit • cost → effectiveness, cost → utility • resource → activity → process → outcome overview of cost-inclusive evaluation for cost-inclusive evaluation tools for cost-inclusive evaluation tools … tools to measure • resources used (aka “costs”) • resources produced (aka “benefits”) by a program by programs tools for cost-inclusive evaluation Qualitative tools... • shift rapidly between multiple perspectives • view costs as not money • view outcomes possibly as money • consider that neither outcomes nor costs may be what’s most important tools for cost-inclusive evaluation Quantitative tools... • spreadsheet functions: inflation, present-value • statistics • nonparametric analyses • parametric analyses tools for cost-inclusive evaluation for quant & qual evaluation... database access to the region’s: • health service system • criminal justice system • income supplement / welfare system • other entitlement providers tools for cost-inclusive evaluation To do CIE (cost-inclusive evaluation): awareness of resistance • … to evaluation in general • … to cost-inclusive evaluation in particular • deal-with-able, if not solvable perhaps: resistance ∝ importance tools for cost-inclusive evaluation evaluating costs evaluate costs costs can be reported as: • cost per client • cost per slot ... per bed • cost per client day • cost per group evaluate costs problems with “cost” • not just budgets, not just accounting records • may not include essential resources: • volunteers’ time • interns externs time • under-paid staff members time • space rented below-market • donated food, transportation, equipment evaluate costs re-conceptualizing costs • “costs” as what is paid • assemble the resources for a program • “costs” as the value of program “ingredients” types and amounts of resources, e.g., • personnel time • physical plant • supplies evaluate costs stakeholder perspectives on costs • provider • consumer • family members • taxpayer • community • policy makers • funders • evaluator!

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43. Applied Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit analysis

Materials for our 3-hour workshop on using cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis in evaluation. #TeachingofEvaluation #cost-inclusive #2009Conference #HumanServicesEvaluation #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics #HowTo #evaluation

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Focus Search - Applied Cost-Effectiveness and Cost- Benefit Analysis 2Thursday, November 12, 2009 Topic Subtopics Presenter Introductions (10 minutes) purpose of workshop intro of presenters ground rules for participants Brian Basic orientation, definitions (30 minutes cost-inclusive evaluation costs effectiveness benefits cost-effectiveness cost-benefit Patricia Examples of cost- inclusive evaluations (20 minutes) decision(s)?

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Eval11 Session 707: Valuing Program Outcomes Relative to Program Costs to Improve Both: Alternative Forms of Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

This form of evaluation compares the worth of outcomes to the worth of resources expended to produce those outcomes. Alternative means of assessing the worth of both outcomes achieved and resources consumed are described in the first part of this presentation, using a few specific evaluations of human services. The second portion of this presentation uses an additional example to illustrate an evaluation framework that includes the activities in which program participants engage, and the changes that occur in participants, as well as resources used and outcomes produced

Valuing and Cost-Inclusive Evaluation.pdf

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Return on Investment: Can we Provide a New Perspective for Education Impact Evaluations-Roundtable Materials

Slides and handout from 2015 AEA presentation #highereducation #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics #2015Conference #cost

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Focus Search - E. (2009). Are cost-inclusive evaluations worth the effort?

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Cost Analysis 101

This was presented at Evaluation 2009 in Orlando. The goal of the demonstration was to prove evaluators with an overview of the factors that must be considered when designing a cost-analysis. Cost analysis is much more complex than most evaluators recognize. This session was design to let evaluators know what they don't kno

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CBD052: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health and Human Services Programs – Edward Broughton

Edward Broughton will explain the basic types of cost-effectiveness analysis and share the mathematical model that underlies robust economic evaluations that are crucial to decision makers