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Eval11 Session 225: Evaluating Community Engagement Using Social Media and the Web

Social media is becoming a well-established platform for community engagement, yet we are still in the early stages of understanding how best to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of online and social media efforts, which often require going beyond traditional evaluation methods and technologies. This Think Tank session will provide a rich discussion of why and how to evaluate online engagement using accessible social media analysis tools. We will discuss the effectiveness of different methods for understanding and evaluating engagement, such as online polling and sentiment analysis. We expect participants to leave the session with a greater understanding of the different tools and platforms for evaluating online engagement and how we can best evaluate related longer-term outcomes and impact in a meaningful, consistent way

AEA2011_EvaluatingEngagement_FINAL_for AEA.pdf

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Eval11 Session 492: Evaluators and Institution Researchers Working Together to Understand Student Success in Learning Communities

Presentation for Evaluation 2011, from Session 492 - Methods I: New Approaches to Assessment in Higher Education - Currently, institutional research (IR) offices in community colleges nationwide are collecting and reporting on extensive data sets. Colleges are especially focused on studying...

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Focus Search - The evaluation relies on the engagement of alumni, staff,  and host site participants to inform the evaluation and the  interpretation of data findings.   

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Making Connections site profiles

These are short briefs on the Annie E. Casey Foundation Making Connections initiative in San Antonio, Denver, and Providence. #community #Evaluation2009 #2009Conference #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #Change #comprehensive #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation

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Focus Search - Edgewood Independent School District EISD prepares students for college and career pathways through strong partnerships, parent engagement, and a culture that fosters academic success

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Poster presented at AEA 2015 Discusses the concept of consumer self-sufficiency as it applies to culturally, linguistically and economically diverse health insurance consumers, and describes the process and challenges of defining, promoting and measuring self-sufficiency. Addresses evaluation...

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Focus Search - BCBSMAF defines consumer self-sufficiency as “a form of engagement, whereby consumers are able to take an active role in their own health coverage and care, and navigate systems with increasing independence”

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Eval10 Session 264: Using Evaluation to Improve the quality of the initial implementation of a statewide community and ste level policy and systems change initiative

This presentation, part of a broader panel examining evaluation of The California Endowment's Building Healthy Communities initiative, described the use of evaluation principles, primarily logic modeling, to structure a cohesive planning approach and an evaluable cross-site comprehensive...

TCC Group AEA session 2010 Using Evaluation Principles and Logic Models for Largescale Community Pl.pdf

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Empowering Non-profits through an Evaluation Learning Community

Assisting afterschool youth development programs to utilize evaluation to improve program quality and drive decision making through funding technology, developing shared metrics, and sharing findings in a peer learning environment. Included are all three powerpoints presented and a sample...

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Focus Search - Goal: ICAN participants will increase their engagement in civic activities related to leadership development Increase percentage Indicators 10% increase in the social competencies of goal setting, decision making and managing emotions