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Eval13 Session 433: Evaluation of the Creative Classroom Collaboratives (C3) AEMDD Project: A Quasi-Experimental Study of an Elementary School Arts-Integration Initiative

The Eastern Suffolk, NY Board of Cooperative Education Services received a US DOE Arts In Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant for Creative Classroom Collaboratives (C3), a demonstration project designed to test the effects of the integration of performance arts into the elementary school curriculum from 2011-2012 through 2013-2014

C3 AEA Presentation_October 2013.pdf

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Making Every Child Visible: Triangulating Data to Reveal Systems Level Challenges

AEA 2015 Demonstration session showing how to use Excel and SPSS to clean, restructure, and merge data sets. #2015Conference #ReadingEnglishLanguageArtsData

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Focus Search - Crosstabs Tables in SPSS Crosstabs Tables Revised in Word Identifying Students in Groups “Save as” SPSS file to file type Excel In Excel, sort by variables of interest to identify groups of students Crosstabs Tables Revised in Word Identified students who were low performing on both assessments Identified students who performed well on DIBELS but low on state assessment, SAGE Discussed mismatch in performance for those who did well on DIBELS but not on SAGE with DIBELS developers Discussion & Questions Cathy Callow-Heusser Education/Math Specialist Utah State Office of Education Multi-Tiered System of Supports Project 801-538-7952 President EndVision Research and Evaluation, LLC 435-757-2724