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Toward Universal Design for Evaluation: Including People With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Abstract and PowerPoint presentation from Panel Session 463: Toward Universal Design for Evaluation...#2009Conference #HowTo #Design #DisabilitiesandOtherVulnerablePopulations #DiversityandInclusion #Universal #disability #SpecialNeedsPopulations

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Focus Search - Including People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in research and evaluation Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski Institute for Community Inclusion University of Massachusetts Boston * Presentation outline: Background about my research on community based non work Approaches and lessons learned including PWD at different stages: Study design Consent process Data collection Reporting & use of findings Background: What is community-based non-work anyway?

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Eval10 Session 249: A Framework for Evaluating Universal Design for Learning Projects

It's also a segment of a panel presentation titled Issues and Models: Evaluating Universal Design for Learning, presented at AEA 2010, November 11, 2010. This document, and the larger paper of which it a component, provide a framework for evaluating Universal Design for Learning projects. #learning #Universal #HowTo #for #Design #DiversityandInclusion #DisabilitiesandOtherVulnerablePopulations #2010Conference

A Framework for Evaluating UDL Projects.pdf

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Webinar Handout - Using Universal Design To Make Your Evaluation More Accessible To People With Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations

The session will include an introduction to universal design (the concept of designing products or programs so that they are accessible to everyone) as well as some practical strategies and tools for making evaluations more inclusive at every stage. #DisabilitiesandOtherVulnerablePopulations #Design #Universal #WebinarSeries

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Focus Search - Universal Design Tips for Evaluators Compiled by Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts Boston Universal Design is “the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design” (Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State University)