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External Consultants Roles in US Federal Government Evaluation Design and Capacity Building

Presented by Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Study Director, Westat and David Bernstein, Senior Study Director, Westat. Opinions are our own. The majority of US federal government evaluations are conducted by external evaluators. However, conducting evaluations is just one of the roles that external...

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Aye Aye Captain: Navigating Evaluation Data Collection as an External Evaluation Consultant

This presentation explored data collection issues faced by external evaluators (contractors) to meet evaluation design and data collection needs, including: • the challenge of meeting client needs that are not always fully conveyed in requests for proposal (RFP) or Question and Answer...

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Eval11 Session 226: Extending Your Evaluation's Short Half-life So It Is Longer Than a Day: A Personal Perspective

Like a still photograph, except the truly historical or special personal ones, evaluations often capture moments in time. One day or one administration later the evaluation is all but forgotten. Like the still photograph, the evaluation may become a distant memory for program staff, funders, and...

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Eval11 Session 739: The Value of Employing Descriptive Performance Levels in the Learning Assessment of Army Commanders

A paper with power-point presentation depicting research conducted at the US Army School for Command Preparation. The purpose of the Army School for Command Preparation (SCP) - Tactical Commander Development Program is to instruct new Brigade and Battalion Commanders in leadership and tactical...

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