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External Consultants Roles in US Federal Government Evaluation Design and Capacity Building

The majority of US federal government evaluations are conducted by external evaluators. However, conducting evaluations is just one of the roles that external evaluators can play to help expand and build evaluation capacity in federal agencies. This presentation focused on some of the challenges of involving contractors within the federal evaluation framework, and offer potential solutions to those challenges

2016 Bernstein Hamilton Evaluation Contracting Final.pptx

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Aye Aye Captain: Navigating Evaluation Data Collection as an External Evaluation Consultant

This presentation explored data collection issues faced by external evaluators (contractors) to meet evaluation design and data collection needs, including: • the challenge of meeting client needs that are not always fully conveyed in requests for proposal (RFP) or Question and Answer interactions; • ensuring validity when cost/time limitations may allow limited instrument pre-testing; • addressing Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues; and • working with federal government evaluators to fulfill US Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) reviews; topics will include the structure of the review process and types of information needed and the complications introduced by time and resource constraints. The presentation described how issues related to federal evaluations can be broadly applied across different types of organizations and include substantive information that will be useful to those who have not gone through an IRB or OMB review process to help build the evaluation capacity of both novice and experienced attendees

2016 AEA Federal Data Collection Bernstein.pptx