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Eval11 Session 897: Knowledge, Pedagogy, Practice or Student Achievement: Evaluating a Middle School Math M.Ed. Professional Development Program

The paper describes how the evaluation team and University’s stakeholders stressed examining the more proximal outcomes, (i.e. knowledge gains, changes in pedagogical perceptions and implementation of new skills in the classroom) by participants, while the State-level stakeholders emphasized (and required) that student achievement measures were most important. In addition, the paper describes the experiences of the evaluation team and the changes made to the evaluation plan as a result of lower than expected program participation: changes in participants’ role in their school, reduced funding, the withdrawal of the school district’s participation in the grant and the change in the program director of the grant

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Focus Search - Agency emphasis still student achievement data, Evaluation team emphasized knowledge, pedagogy and practice

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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

This panel looks at how a program-theory model has been developed and used in an evaluation of an initiative designed to transform schools by assisting high schools in the development of 12th-grade capstone courses in math and science. We highlight the program model from which we have designed a...

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Focus Search - Grosshandler,  University  of  Illinois  at  Chicago American  Evaluation  Association  Annual  Conference October  2013 NSF  DUE  #0928669 Slide 2 Briefly  present  a  fully  articulated  program   model  and  show  how  it  was  used  to  help: • Develop  a  Curriculum  Rubric  for  use  in  the   program  (in  support  of  12th grade  math/science   course  development/modification) • Create  a  Theory  of  Change  (underscore  the   role  of  teacher/leader  teams) Slide 3 The  Chicago  Transformation  Teacher   Institutes  (CTTI)  is  a  program  designed  to   increase  the  content,  pedagogical  and   leadership  skills  of  high-­‐school  science  and   mathematics  teachers  through  a  teacher   leader-­‐team  approach  directed  toward   leadership  and  content  training.   Slide 4 An  NSF  Math  and  Science  Partnership   with  the  Chicago  Public  Schools University  of  Illinois  at  Chicago DePaul  University Illinois  Institutes  of  Technology Loyola  University  Chicago Northwestern  University Slide 5 School  groups  and  teacher  cohorts • Four  cohorts,  from  2010-­‐2013 •Math  thematic  track  annually • Alternating  physical  science  and  life  and   environmental  science  track Our  cumulative  fiscal  year  2009  –  2013  totals  are     (1)  225  Teacher  Leader/Master  Teacher  Participants,  with  a  total  of  68  new  participants  coming  from  the  past  year  (Oct  1,  2012  -­‐   Sept  30,  2013),  and       (2)  117  Teacher  Leader/Master  Teacher  Participants  Receiving  Certification/Graduate  Credit,  with  a  total  of  23  of  these  coming  from   the  past  year

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Eval12 Session 691: Measuring Implementation in a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Educational Intervention

This file provides the PowerPoint slides used in our presentation at AEA 2012 in Minneapolis. We describe the combined use of monthly surveys (or teacher logs) and classroom observations to describe the frequency and the quality of teachers' implementation of Project GLAD instructional...

2012 AEA Measuring Implementation in an RCT final.pptx

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Eval11 Poster 52: Evaluating the Re-visioning of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Teacher Education Undergraduate Programs through a Teacher Quality Partnership Grant (TQP)

The SERVE Center entered into an agreement with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) School of Education, to serve as the external evaluator for the Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) ENRICH Project, a multi-year, multifaceted project. This proposal provides an overview of the...

ENRICH Revisioning Poster Handouts.pdf

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Eval11 Poster 5: The Winston Salem-Forsyth County (NC) Schools/University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Teacher Residency Program Evaluation

The Project ENRICH (Educational Network for Renewal, Innovation, Collaboration and Help) is a partnership between UNCG and Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools for the 'purpose of simultaneous improvement of teacher education and PK-12 education.' The Teacher Residency Program is a key...

ENRICH Residency Program Poster Handouts.pdf