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Eval11 Session 205: Evaluation of the Evaluation of the Paris Declaration on International Aid

An evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the Paris Declaration was commissioned. The AEA eLibrary contains a presentation on that evaluation. This entry concerns the Evaluation of the Evaluation (meta-evaluation) conducted by Michael Quinn Patton and Jean Gornick

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Eval11 Session 229: How program evaluation standards are put into professional practice. Development of an action theory for evaluation policy and research on evaluation

The Program Evaluation Standards, issued by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, aim to enhance the quality of the professional practice of evaluation. However, three decades and two major revisions after publication of their first edition, little is known beyond anecdotal evidence about the actual use and impact of the standards on the profession. The standards themselves do not explicitly articulate the mechanisms which are expected to make them instrumental in improving the practice of evaluation. Based on theoretical considerations and an analysis of the standards' underlying assumptions, a conceptual framework is proposed which outlines such mechanisms on individual and evaluation policy levels. This action theory aims to guide evaluation policy in further promoting the standards’ application and utility

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Eval11 Session 327: A Process for Determining the Acceptability Of Measurement Tools: How to Decide?

This poses certain challenges including inconsistent quality of evaluation across sites and an inability to determine overall impact of the initiative. To address these challenges, the CYFAR Initiative and the 4-H National Council through Kraft Foods, funded research to develop methodology for determining the adoption of measures for program evaluation. A brief rating form was developed based upon criteria identified in the literature as critical in selecting quality evaluation instruments

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Checklist for Assessing Your Evaluation Questions

This checklist is a tool to help ensure that the evaluation questions we create will be useful, relevant, and feasible. In keeping with the new accountability standard, it also provides a format for documenting our decisions when selecting evaluation questions. Drawing from an extensive literature search, the checklist was created by evaluators in CDC's National Asthma Control Program with helpful input from members of the OL-ECB TIG, the Atlanta-area Evaluation Association, and the CDC Chronic Evaluators Network, as well as from participants in an AEA roundtable (2012) and a demonstration (2014)

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Eval12 Session 303: Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for Health Development Organizations - Jhpiego, JHU

These documents describe and present a tool to assess an organization's monitoring and evaluation standards. This was created for a decentralized health development organization (Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) working in 45 countries and a diverse monitoring and evaluation staff to provide organizational expectations for M&E

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Introduction to Evaluation Slides from the Pre Institute Workshop at SI10

Session Description: This workshop will provide an overview of program evaluation for Institute participants with some, but not extensive, prior background in program evaluation. The session will be organized around the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) six-step Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health as well as the four sets of evaluation standards from the Joint Commission on Evaluation Standards

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Eval10 Session 282: Using the Program Evaluation Standards in Metaevaluation: Potential and Pitfalls

The Program Evaluation Standards have been widely accepted as the prevailing criteria for assessing evaluation quality in North America. They were designed to be applicable to a broad array of evaluation contexts

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