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Introduction to Evaluation Slides from the Pre Institute Workshop at SI10 

06-18-2010 11:12

Session Description: This workshop will provide an overview of program evaluation for Institute participants with some, but not extensive, prior background in program evaluation. The session will be organized around the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) six-step Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health as well as the four sets of evaluation standards from the Joint Commission on Evaluation Standards. The six steps constitute a comprehensive approach to evaluation. While its origins are in the public health sector, the Framework approach can guide any evaluation. The course will touch on all six steps, but particular emphasis will be put on the early steps, including identification and engagement of stakeholders, creation of logic models, and selecting/focusing evaluation questions. Several case studies will be used both as illustrations and as an opportunity for participants to apply the content of the course and work through some of the trade-offs and challenges inherent in program evaluation in public health and human services.

Betty Apt has worked in evaluation for over 20 years. She is recently retired as an evaluation specialist with the Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where she provided evaluation technical assistance to the Division; and planned, designed, and oversaw evaluation projects related to the prevention of STDs. Prior to her work at CDC, Betty served as a team leader for national evaluations of a variety of programs administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, including Medicare, Medicaid, and public assistance. Currently, Betty works as an independent consultant on a range of evaluation projects.

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