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Evaluation in an Ever-changing Context: Two Differing Approaches to Evaluating Homeless Programs

Powerpoint presentation focusing on our evaluation of the Miami Dade County Homeless Trust was impacted by the political context, namely the released sex offenders being forcecd to live under a bridge that connects Miami to Miami Beach, and how the entire evaluation was shaped by this issue. ...


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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 9: Do Participants Have Disabilities

Citation: Kiernan, Nancy Ellen & Matason, Ronald A. (2001). Do Participants Have Disabilities? Tipsheet #9, University Park, PA: Penn State Cooperative Extension.This document is part of a series of Tipsheets that contain practical evaluation illustrations based on current research and developed...

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Empowerment Evaluation in Context: Tools for Determining Impact of State Capacity Building for Increasing Outcomes of Students With Disabilities

Handouts from the session.Abstract: This session will present the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center's (NSTTAC) Evaluation Toolkit. We begin with an overview of NSTTAC's capacity-building model and how data-based decision-making is used to improve outcomes of students with...

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