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Addresses evaluation capacity building among community-based organizations and health centers from a Technical Assistance and evaluation perspective

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Focus Search - Also, as grantees evaluate their efforts and refine their practices, BCBSMAF re-examines the grants goals and objectives with input from its partners at UMMS

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The Predictive Power of Self-Evaluation in Assessing Educational and Academic Outcomes

The results of research on the power of self-evaluations of competencies to predict subsequent actual and perceived academic outcomes, especially job progression, are reported

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Eval12 Session 738: Expanding the Evidence on Dissemination of Evidence-Based Interventions: A Strategy Evaluation

From abstract: To identify effective strategies states used to disseminate evidence-based interventions and to inform CDC Arthritis Program strategy, Westat conducted a cross-site evaluation of 21 state health departments. The evaluation identified processes states used to disseminate interventions and strategies that facilitated organizational adoption and embedding of the interventions. One of the challenges faced in the evaluation was how to systematically characterize the strategic approaches of the 21 state health departments, each of which had a unique combination of challenges, contextual factors, and portfolio of interventions they were implementing

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#eval14 Presentation #69:When do we Value Participant Voices for Sustained Impact? Now!

The lack of ex-post (post-project) evaluation speaks to both the inflexibility and lack of transparency of international aid, but also that not knowing the long-term ability of communities to sustain the outcomes or self-sustain the activities themselves limits successful future programming. We are best served by building IATI into our programming (open-data), using national evaluators, supporting community evaluation of our projects long-term impacts