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Eval 2016 Presentation: Taking Most Significant Change Further

This session discussed pairing Most Significant Change (MSC) with Participatory Video (PV). The file contains slides from the presentation as well as links to video reports about the process from the Mandela Washington Fellowship's PV/MSC evaluation, as well as links to further resources. ...

AEA 2016 MSC presentation.pdf

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EVAL 2015: Multipaper Session 1379, Strengthening the Research Evaluation Infrastructure—Perspectives from Practitioners

Session Number: 1379 Track: Research, Technology & Development Evaluation Session Type: Multipaper Tags: strengthening evaluation infrastructure Session Chair: Robin Marian Wagner [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] Presenter 1: Sarah Naylor Presenter 2: Robin Marian Wagner ...

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The Challenges and Benefits of Creating a Program Theory Model for an NSF MSP Project: Perspectives from Program Stakeholders and from the External Evaluator

Poster presentation 279: Evaluation 2015 -- We look at the challenges and benefits of creating and using a fully articulated program theory model from the perspective of the PI and program stakeholders and from the external evaluator. We use the term "program theory model" to reflect a model...

CTTI AEA Conference Poster 2015 FINAL.pdf

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Unpacking Rural: Using Geographic Information Systems to Better Understand Rurality

In many evaluations of community interventions, the classifiers of “rural” and “urban” are used as proxies for access to resources and need for services, based on an assumed homogeneity of so-called “rural” communities. This presentation will encourage participants to think more broadly about...

AEA Rural Presentation 10.17.14.pdf

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Roundtable Presentation-Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework to Use in Indian Country

Participants will: 1) Learn about culturally responsive indigenous evaluation (CRIE) and the major theories, research, and policies informing it 2) Become aware of the multiple contexts of CRIE 3) Learn about CRIE skills and competencies 4) Discuss practical applications of CRIE using case...

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Eval13 Session 907: Learning, Growing, and Action Planning for Improved Asthma Surveillance

The presentation discusses an evaluation of the use of asthma surveillance data sources by a state asthma program. The presentation is mostly pictures, so read the notes included with each slide. #HealthEvaluation #PotentPresentation #2013Conference #EvaluationUse #Surveillance #asthma


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AEA Roundtable: Evaluating Promise Neighborhoods

Handouts and other materials related to this AEA 2013 Roundtable session: Since 2010 the Department of Education has funded 58 Promise Neighborhoods, or collaborations of organizations that serve a neighborhood or "zone," with the goal of building family and community support systems that...

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Eval12 Session 560: Crafting Powerful Reports and Presentations - Strategies for Improving Communication in Evaluation

Presentation Abstract: In evaluation, reporting is the mechanism through which evaluators translate complex data into understandable information. It sets the stage for the utilization of evaluation findings, and therefore is a critical skill for all evaluators. In recent years, there has been a...

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CBD011: Moving Beyond Bullets: Making Presentation Slides Compelling - John Nash

Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar are attached and publicly downloadable. Webinar Description: This is a live webinar recorded on Thursday, April 15, 2010. How many presentations have you sat through looking at slide after slide filled with too many bullets and too much...