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Engaging Youth in Process and Outcomes Evaluations of an Out-of-School-Time Program

As part of HK, youth participants in HK were engaged both in participatory and empowerment evaluations designed to assess the program's implementation and outcomes, which included changes in developmental assets( and academic performance among the approximately 300 program enrollees

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Evaluating Student Uses of Screencasts

Results of initial usability tests of students using the LearnChemE screencasts. Available at Mark Werner and Katherine Allison University of Colorado Boulder #ParticipatoryDesign #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #2014Conference #Screencasts ...

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Climbing the Accountability Mountain: Four INGOs' experiences implementing participatory reflection processes

These are the handouts and powerpoint presentations from the panel session. The panel took a comparative case study approach, presenting four distinct reflection and learning processes used by international INGOs (Oxfam America, ActionAid, ChildFund, and Mercy Corps). Through sharing of...

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Focus Search - Used to design program strategy and adjust operational plans. * Page * WHAT ARE THESE PROCESSES GOOD FOR?

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Eval11 Session 139: Building and Cultivating Internal Evaluation in the Not-for-Profit Sector: A Critical Reflection of Our Roles

In recent years, the role of evaluators in the not-for-profit sector has changed. Increased delivery of social services, government initiatives and associated demands for reporting and accountability have created the need for nonprofits to build internal capacity for program evaluation. As...

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Focus Search - Examples like this imply that organizations receiving these grants would need to design and develop systems to collect, track and analyze data that can be used for learning purposes

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Involving Youth in Evaluating the Youth Engagement Initiative

Youth Participatory Evaluation: Setting the State for Youth Program Evaluation in the 21st Century Part II presentation for AEA Conference 2013. #YouthParticipatoryEvaluationSettingtheStateforYouthProgramEvaluationptII #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2013Conference

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Focus Search - Those who will be impacted by the research being conducted are drawn in as research partners to co-create the research question, design and process

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Session 842 Theory Building - Transformative Participatory Evaluation Model Building

Theory Building Through Praxis Discourse: A Theory- And Practice-Informed Model Of A Transformative Participatory Approach To Evaluation. Powerpoint slides from session by Michael A. Harnar, Claremont Graduate University. #RoE #participatoryevaluation #TPE #ResearchonEvaluation

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