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Session 2090: Real Time Evaluation: Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade

How can an evaluator meaningfully convey findings to stakeholders based on data collected that same day? How can real time evaluation really be done in real time? This Ignite talk is based on Innovation Network’s experiences with facilitating real time evaluation in health policy settings, and...

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Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Growth and Collaboration in the B-cell mediated HIV Vaccine Field

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (NIAID, NIH) launched several initiatives aimed towards expanding fundamental knowledge of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV immunogens that might lead to the development of novel HIV vaccines....

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Eval13: Poster 134 - All Together Now: How Challenges Became Opportunities While Implementing and Evaluating an Accountability System in an Education Nonprofit Network

During the previous 6 years, Communities In Schools (CIS), an education nonprofit with nearly 200 affiliates across the United States, created a Total Quality System (TQS) of standards to achieve uniform quality in business practice and program implementation across the CIS network. To ensure...

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Retrospective 'Outcome harvesting': Generating robust insights about a global voluntary environmental network

This paper describes the use of the Outcome Harvesting approach to evaluate a global voluntary network. It is the second paper published as part of the BetterEvaluation writeshop series. The authors are Kornelia Rassmann, Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo and Ricardo Wilson-Grau. The reviewers...

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Eval12 Session 911: Team Science Evaluation: Developing Methods to Measure Convergence of Fields

A problem in the evaluation of team science is how to measure team formation. For team-based projects where a goal is to bring together researchers from multiple disciplines to catalyze new research approaches, one metric is evolution and use of terms that combine aspects of multiple disciplines...

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Eval11 Sesion 713: Building Networks on Sturdy Ground Through Evaluation Support

Presentation done at AEA annual conference on the topic. Includes presentation from a foundation (Rockefeller Foundation) an evaluator (Jared Raynor of TCC Group) and two network representatives (Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio and Steve Adams). Talks about how evaluators can be used during the...

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Eval11 Session 406: OSH Evaluators Network Development - AEA 2011

Presentation at AEA 2011: A review of the development of an evaluators network for the National Tobacco Control Program evaluators. Presentation covers steps taken and results obtained by the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health thus far. #networkdevelopment #HealthEvaluation #government ...

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Eval10 Session 684: Fostering & measuring nonprofit networks to inform grantmakers

When the David and Lucile Packard Foundation awarded a grant to implement and strengthen nonprofit networks, it was part of a larger philanthropic inquiry: Could knowing how networks connect, share, and mobilization teach foundations how to be more effective sponsors of community change? How...

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