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Eval11 Sesion 713: Building Networks on Sturdy Ground Through Evaluation Support

Includes presentation from a foundation (Rockefeller Foundation) an evaluator (Jared Raynor of TCC Group) and two network representatives (Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio and Steve Adams). Talks about how evaluators can be used during the network formation stage

AEA 2011 Session 713 Building Networks on Sturdy Ground Through Evaluation Support.pdf

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Session 2090: Real Time Evaluation: Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade

How can an evaluator meaningfully convey findings to stakeholders based on data collected that same day? How can real time evaluation really be done in real time? This Ignite talk is based on Innovation Network’s experiences with facilitating real time evaluation in health policy settings, and will introduce AEA participants to three tools that can be used as part of any evaluator’s real time evaluation toolbox: surveys, H-forms, and timelines. Yuqi Wang from Innovation Network will provide an overview of each tool; show how these tools can aid data collection, analysis, and communication of findings in real time; and lessons learned from Innovation Network’s experiences with these three tools during the evaluation process

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Eval13: Poster 134 - All Together Now: How Challenges Became Opportunities While Implementing and Evaluating an Accountability System in an Education Nonprofit Network

Researchers at the national office used qualitative analysis of interview data collected during reviews to discover network trends and evaluate the impact of TQS. In this poster, researchers will a) present an overview of findings from interview data; b) describe the challenging transition from accrediting affiliates to evaluating the broader impact of TQS; c) describe the steps taken to encourage use of the findings in a network of diverse talents and interests; and d) evaluate attempts to encourage use of the findings and propose suggestions for similar efforts

AEA Conference 2013 Poster.pdf

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Eval10 Session 684: Fostering & measuring nonprofit networks to inform grantmakers

Evaluators investigated three newly-formed nonprofit networks using two comprehensive evaluation plans – one to test the effectiveness of introducing networking to diverse community groups, and another to test the transforming impact of these networks on grantmaking decisions

AEA 2010 Evaluating Networks.ppt