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2018 Conference: Speaking Truths About, For, and To Power in Evaluations of Inclusive Leadership Initiatives

Materials from the session "Speaking Truths About, For, and To Power in Evaluations of Inclusive Leadership Initiatives," presented by Michael P. Arnold, Director at Informing Change; Michael Hannaman, Research Assistant at Informing Change; and Laura Rodriguez, Director of Programs at Youth...

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Eval14: Presentation: Evaluating the Impact of Principal Coaching: Developing an Approach to Measuring Leadership Behavior

The NYC Leadership Academy provides coaching to principals throughout the New York City Department of Education. This presentation describes an effort to evaluate the impact of this coaching through the development and use of an online survey of principals' leadership behaviors from both the...


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Peer-teacher science instructional coaching in K-6 rural schools

Evaluation of peer-teacher instructional coaching in K-6 rural schools is conducted by focusing on the effect of coaching on teacher coaches, coached teachers, and school culture. Following a multilevel evaluation design, findings are obtained from applying qualitative methods such as: teacher...

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Eval12 Session 962: Three years of data to reach intermediate outcomes and nobody will read the reports!

Abstract Data utilization is a major thrust of program evaluation efforts. In Extension, we are trained to develop logic models that lay out short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. This session highlights the “The Northwest Michigan New FARM Program” that had several funding sources ...

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CBD034: Path to AEA Leadership - Stan Capela

Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar are attached and publicly downloadable. Click here to access a recording of this coffee break webinar. Webinar recordings are available to AEA members only and you will be asked to sign in. Webinar Description: Interested in learning how to...

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