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Eval10 Session 852: In Search of Evaluator Competency Inventories

From multipaper session 852: Research on Evaluator Competencies. Abstract: Using Stevahn, King, Ghere, & Minnema’s (2005) Essential Competencies for Program Evaluators, a content analysis of articles/chapters for three theoretical evaluation approaches was conducted. The goal of the study is to examine the key competencies required to design and implement different evaluation approaches. The data collected will be analyzed by evaluation approach to find how they compare and differ on their emphasized use of specific evaluator competencies

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S1414 Oct 16 2014 0445pm rm113 The Global Evolution of Evaluator Competencies and the Professionalization of Evaluation in VOPE

Across the world, VOPEs are addressing their diverse evaluation practice through the development of evaluator competency frameworks. These competencies are being used for different purposes depending on their context from guidelines to inform professional development to a foundation for professional designation programs. Panellists from Australia, the United States, and Canada with diverse evaluation practices (internal/external evaluators, academics, educators, credentialing board members, evaluation users, etc.) examine their experiences with developing and using competencies. What critical role did the development of evaluator competencies have in the professionalization of evaluation in their context?

Session1414 Global Evolution of Evaluator

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Eval11 Session 472: Evaluator Skill Acquisition - Linking Educational Experiences to Competencies

Respondents were asked about their training experiences, their confidence in certain skills and knowledge, and the components of their training in evaluation that had the greatest impact on the development of a certain set of competencies. A paired comparison analysis was conducted to assess the differences between the contributions of elements of a training program to the development of each competency

Dillman, AEA, Evaluator Skill Acquisition.pdf

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Eval12 Session 339: Reconstruction of Program Logic Models as an Essential Component of Program Evaluation

In this presentation I will provide examples of typical flaws in program logic, suggest how to fix them in the course of evaluation, and argue that reconstruction of program logic should be an essential part of most evaluations and one of evaluators’ competencies

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