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Promising Practices for Engaging Girls in IT

practices effective in engaging girls in IT...practices in their youth. Informal IT education...practices they thought to be critical to a

Promising Practices for Engaging Girls in IT.pdf

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Session 899: Engaging Constituents: Using Assessment Data to Inform Practice

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requires that all universities seeking accreditation implement a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) based on the core facet of how the university focuses on enhancing student learning. Based on the theme of enhancing student academic engagement...

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Tools for integrating learning and knowledge practice into non-profits

This is a powerpoint of four tools to use when implementing a learning event or After Action Review. It applies the ORID conversational method. This method supports a group of people to reach a common understanding about a program or issue and prioritise solutions for action. #Collaborative...

Tools for integrating learning and knowledge practice into non-profits .ppt

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Developing and Using Evaluation Checklists to Improve Evaluation Practice

Overview of developing and validating evaluation checklists presented by Wes Martz, Nadini Persaud, and Daniela Schroeter. Session 423 GS&NE business meeting presentation. #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #EvaluationUse #validatingchecklists #checklists #Evaluation2009 ...

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Focus Search -  attitudes or practice may be eliminated

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Eval11 Session 555: Living into Developmental Evaluation: Reflections on Changing Practice

For the last two years, FSG has been working with the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation on a developmental evaluation of its Community Information Challenge project – a 5-year, $24m innovative initiative designed to foster local information news and civic engagement through digital media. In...

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