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The Level 2 of Training Evaluation: A Case of Training the HEIs Staff in Pakistan

The case study is about the experience of the TESP M&E Unit of the evaluation of the trainings of HEIs staff in Pakistan. The case study explains how the M&E Unit developed the Learning Based Assessment of Training (LBAT) Model to analyze the pre-existing learning, the net learning and the learning lag

Case Study-LBAT Model-Awab-June 19- 2015.pdf

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Assessing Readiness for a "Culture of Learning" in Higher Educatoin Institutions

In colleges and universities, organizational context is critical for the use of assessment data in program improvement. This paper examines ways of assessing organizational readiness for the kind of learning-organization environment that features an institution-wide, ongoing, highly valued system for using student learning outcome data in curriculum design

Stevenson AEA 09 paper.doc

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Using Evaluation to Encourge Sustainability of Out-of-School Programs

The three-year Learning through Engineering Design and Practice program (funded by the National Science Foundation) offers seventh and eighth grade students non-formal education experiences. The program includes an after-school component where participants learn engineering and information technology skills through activities such as simulating desert tortoise behaviors, researching and developing designs to mitigate the urban heat island, and designing autonomous rovers capable of navigating Mars-like terrain


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Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles

These slides are from the "how to" presentation, "Inviting Clients into Our Tent: How to Prepare and Lead a Strategic Learning Debrief." They are from the presentation on Evaluation Learning Circles by Cohen Research & Evaluation, LLC, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

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Focus Search - EVALUATION AND STRATEGY LEARNING CIRCLES PURPOSE We view the Learning Circle (LC) as an integral part of C.H.E.F.’s strategic learning approach

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Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference

This AEA 2014 handout shares key findings from our independent review of a strategic learning coaching approach designed to improve grantee effectiveness in meeting their funder's goals. The funder also participated in the strategic learning coaching as a means to inform internal adaptive practice

Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference_Cohen_2014.pdf

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Learning Inside and Out: The Role of Context & Co-Creation in an Urban Evaluation

Paper for Nonprofits and Colaborative Evaluation - Mulitpaper session 254 discussing how the context of a CDC in Minneapolis MN has affected the implementation of useful and appropriate learning organizatioanl processes, and has defined the role of the evaluation consultant in unique ways

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Mobile Learning in Evaluation for Senior Decision-makers: Evaluation of an Innovative Capacity-building Initiative

However, informed decision-making and evidence-informed practice depend on senior decision-makers having a full understanding and appreciation of evaluation. How can we best maximize their use of evaluation in planning and decision-making while also capturing the attention of these extremely busy individuals? This session will present on the evaluation of a unique tablet-based mobile learning designed specifically for senior health leaders that incorporates elements of personalization and interactive gamification. We will report evaluation findings around usability, stakeholder preferences and use, and early indicators of the effectiveness of mobile learning as an evaluation capacity-building tool

AEA2015 mLearning final.pdf

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Empowering Non-profits through an Evaluation Learning Community

Assisting afterschool youth development programs to utilize evaluation to improve program quality and drive decision making through funding technology, developing shared metrics, and sharing findings in a peer learning environment. Included are all three powerpoints presented and a sample copy of the non-numerical report provided to organizations

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Focus Search - Step 1: Assessment General Questions What is your understanding of the purpose of the Evaluative Learning Pilot Project?