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Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles

These slides are from the "how to" presentation, "Inviting Clients into Our Tent: How to Prepare and Lead a Strategic Learning Debrief." They are from the presentation on Evaluation Learning Circles by Cohen Research & Evaluation, LLC, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

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Focus Search - EVALUATION AND STRATEGY LEARNING CIRCLES PURPOSE We view the Learning Circle (LC) as an integral part of C.H.E.F.’s strategic learning approach

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Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference

This AEA 2014 handout shares key findings from our independent review of a strategic learning coaching approach designed to improve grantee effectiveness in meeting their funder's goals. The funder also participated in the strategic learning coaching as a means to inform internal adaptive practice

Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference_Cohen_2014.pdf

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Empowering Non-profits through an Evaluation Learning Community

Assisting afterschool youth development programs to utilize evaluation to improve program quality and drive decision making through funding technology, developing shared metrics, and sharing findings in a peer learning environment

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Focus Search - moment What happens if the learning community fails to develop more?

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Measuring Students' STEM Interest and Learning through Data Triangulation

Multipaper Session 641: When a Triangle Becomes a Three-Sided Square: Measuring Students' Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Interest and Learning through Data Triangulation Although triangulation or the use of multiple methods is widely considered to be good practice in evaluation, there is relatively little guidance in the evaluation literature about how to design a multi-method evaluation to triangulate data appropriately, or how to interpret incongruent findings

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Focus Search - When a Triangle Becomes a Three‐Sided Square:   Measuring Students Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Interest and Learning  through Data Triangulation    Ginger Fitzhugh   Evaluation & Research Associates    Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Conference  Orlando, FL  November 13, 2009        Abstract  Although triangulation or the use of multiple methods is widely considered to be good practice in  evaluation, there is relatively little guidance in the evaluation literature about how to design a multi‐ method evaluation to triangulate data appropriately, or how to interpret incongruent findings. 

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Session 840 Evaluation Use in 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Both focus on the use of evaluation findings within a 21st Century Community Learning Centers (after school, before school, and summer) program

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Focus Search - LOCAL ESA OPERATES A 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS PROGRAM: A SUCCESS STORY Citation: Tackett, W.L. & Westjohn, C.L. (2008). A 21st century community learning center program: A success story

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Assessing Readiness for a "Culture of Learning" in Higher Educatoin Institutions

This paper examines ways of assessing organizational readiness for the kind of learning-organization environment that features an institution-wide, ongoing, highly valued system for using student learning outcome data in curriculum design

Stevenson AEA 09 paper.doc