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Designing summer youth program evaluations that work!

Summertime...and the evaluating is easy! In this session, participants will build skills to design evaluations in a summer learning program or camp setting. Using a camp evaluation planning template, participants will design a plan to either support evaluation capacity in a summer program with...

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Designing a "non-academic" systematic review to better design youth interventions globally (Poster 231 at AEA 2016)

Poster abstract: International development evaluators, researchers and donors are increasingly using systematic reviews to expand the evidence base to guide and improve the design of development interventions. However, procedures to conduct systematic reviews are highly standardized and governed...

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Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools

Three presentations as they were presented at AEA 2015 for the session, "Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools" on Fri, Nov 13, 2015 (03:30 PM - 04:15 PM). 1. Holistically Evaluating Teacher Professional Development 2. Rapid Cycles of Evaluation for School Improvement 3. School...

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The Never Ending Quest for Balance: Graduate Students’ Professional Development Experiences

In an era of rising accountability, retention rates of graduate programs have come under scrutiny and student affairs professionals are being asked to help graduate students at increasing rates. In particular, Graduate Higher Education has done little to assess and understand graduate students'...


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Eval14: Presentation: Evaluating the Impact of Principal Coaching: Developing an Approach to Measuring Leadership Behavior

The NYC Leadership Academy provides coaching to principals throughout the New York City Department of Education. This presentation describes an effort to evaluate the impact of this coaching through the development and use of an online survey of principals' leadership behaviors from both the...


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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Experience with Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

This evaluation looks at the extent to which the EBRD has been able to contribute to reform in Ukraine through dialogue with the Government alongside its investment and technical cooperation activities. Five case studies (power and energy, financial sector, grain sector, energy efficiency and...