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Designing a "non-academic" systematic review to better design youth interventions globally (Poster 231 at AEA 2016) 

10-26-2016 22:16

Poster abstract: International development evaluators, researchers and donors are increasingly using systematic reviews to expand the evidence base to guide and improve the design of development interventions. However, procedures to conduct systematic reviews are highly standardized and governed by scientific methods that favor mostly quantitative, positivistic methods. Evaluations of interventions targeting youth outside of the medical sciences rarely meet these standards. We draw on our experiences conducting a USAID-funded meta-review on how positive youth development (PYD) approaches are being implemented across sectors in low and middle-income countries, and understanding what the evidence says about their effectiveness. The poster shares adaptations to traditional, academic methods used for conducting systematic reviews that present alternatives for ensuring usability for design of interventions, while maintaining an appropriate level of rigor. Upcoming reports and other dissemination will be shared on www.youthpower.org


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Poster from AEA2016 (#231) using an iceberg to demonstrate how adaptations to a systematic review process allowed for a broader evidence base to provide program guidance.