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What is a System Story? How Do I Create One? How Do I Use One?

Evaluators often work in complex situations that are hard to describe. Traditional logic models have been the primary tools for wrapping our heads around program theory and context. However, in complex situations, these logic models quickly become so overcrowded with boxes and arrows that it is...

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AEA 14: Session 536. Comparing and Contrasting Alternative Approaches to Addressing Uncertainty from a Systems Perspective

Title: Using Developmental Evaluation to Address Uncertainty from a Systems Perspective Abstract 3: This presentation will discuss how three developmental evaluations addressed issues of uncertainty. The studies took place in different settings: (1) a University-based public/private...

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Outcome Harvesting

A tool for identifying and understanding results in complex circumstances #Complexity #MonitoringandEvaluation #OutcomeHarvesting

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The State of Developmental Evaluation in the Early 21st Century

Developmental evaluation (DE) is an early 21st century development, so it is altogether fitting that its state of development be reviewed at the AEA annual conference. DE applies systems thinking and complexity concepts to evaluation of social innovations. Evaluation in complex dynamic systems...

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Eval12 Session 960: Seek, Listen and Ye Shall Find - Monitoring Development Projects in a Messy World

Presentation Abstract: International development projects operate within a complex ecology; not only do projects have multiple stakeholders, accountabilities and bottom lines, often times they operate in environments that are physically and bureaucratically challenging. To be successful projects...

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Eval11 Session 910: Stories and Statistics with SenseMaker®: New Kid on the Evaluation Block

What is SenseMaker®? How does it work? What can it add to evaluation practice that is unique? A powerpoint presentation from AEA 2011 by Irene Guijt and Dave Snowden. Presentation Abstract: SenseMaker®, developed by Dave Snowden, is an innovative newcomer to evaluative practice, with...

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Global Campaigning, navigating complexity in multi-polar change processes

PowerPoint presentation of Oxfam America and Oxfam International climate change campaign Theory of Change diagrams, raising challenges of complexity - inter-dependencies and mutual accountability - that evaluation and strategic learning needs to grapple with. #Complexity ...

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Evaluation Questions to Systems Methods

The powerpoint and background material for the session entitled Fitting the Key to the Lock. It includes the powerpoint, the full set of handouts plus one page descriptions of the methods. The questions themselves are a work in progress and feedback very welcome #complex #Systems ...

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Evaluating Complex System Interventions

Here are three resources on using a systems-orientation to evaluation from the presession that Meg Hargreaves and I conducted at the 2009 Conference about evaluating complex system interventions. I'm posting the powerpoint slides we used, a set of questions that help build a systemic orientation...

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