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AEA 2015 Session 2063 Advocacy as a Team Game Evaluating Multi-stakeholder advocacy efforts

This session at AEA 2015 explored various challenges and elements of evaluating multi-stakeholder advocacy efforts. It approached the topic from a variety of angles, including research on how advocates see their own network and coalition work; examination of contribution analysis and how to...

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More Than Just a Needs Assessment

It's subtle, but can you see the difference between these two evaluation questions? "What are the top needs of our stakeholders?" and "What are the best opportunities for our program?" The first calls for a traditional needs assessment. The second is what I call a "Needs Assessment Plus," which...

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Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Growth and Collaboration in the B-cell mediated HIV Vaccine Field

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (NIAID, NIH) launched several initiatives aimed towards expanding fundamental knowledge of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV immunogens that might lead to the development of novel HIV vaccines....

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SAS code for performing an exploratory factor analysis (EFA)

The following is the SAS code written in its entirety by me with the exception of the code, which was written by Uebersax. This is the code I use as a template for properly performing an EFA, particularly for on ordinal data. You are free to use the code in your work so long as you...

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Evaluation of a Multi-Site, Out-of-School-Time Program: Contextual, Individual, and Combined Influences on Outcomes

In this paper the results of an evaluation of a multi-site, out-of-school-time program are presented. A particular focus will be on evaluation findings concerning the separate and combined impacts of site (or contextual) characteristics and individual participant differences in determining...

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Eval12 Session 344: From Thinking Evaluatively to Acting Evaluatively

Presentation provides overview of the session, the process for 'Thinking Evaluatively' and the steps involved. The problem of childhood obestiy is used to demonstrate use of the tools, including stakeholder analysis and action oriented strategy mapping. #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation ...

2012 10 25 AEA Thinking to Acting Evaluatively Presentation to Post on AEA.pdf

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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 9: Improving Survey Quality: Assessing and Increasing Survey Reliability

Develop higher-quality surveys! This workshop is designed to teach participants how to improve survey reliability, thus increasing their utility of and confidence in the data they collect. We will look at surveys to elicit factual information as well as ones that ask about subjective and...

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