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Eval11 Session 569: Through Their Eyes: An Evaluation of a School Based Mental Health Program

involved with a school based mental study method, stakeholders' views of...(SBMH) program. The results of the

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Focus Search - School Based Mental Health Program Dr. Marion

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Eval13: Birds of a Feather - Table 31 - Can We Really Evaluate 21st Century Skills in Youth Programs?

Increasingly so, the success of today's...of 21st Century skills. For this reason...accurately has become a "hot-topic" as evaluators...currently exists to capture this type of youth

Bird of a Feather Flock Together notes.doc

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Roundtable Presentation-Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework to Use in Indian Country

applications of CRIE using case study examples5...policies informing it2) Become aware of the...multiple contexts of CRIE3) Learn about CRIE...strengths, gaps, and capacities of CRIE7

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Focus Search - applications of CRIE using case study examples

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Eval12 Session 759: Collecting Data Sensitively: Recruiting and Interviewing Family Members of Hospice Patients

of Massachusetts Medical School (UMass...interviewing family members of hospice patients who...Medicaid program, commissioned the University...hospice benefit. The study effectively

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Focus Search - death of a family member. * The study

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Eval13 Session 62: Choosing the Right Database Software

-based? What level of security is required...proliferation of internet-based options including...many out-of-the box programs like Effort to...the only cheap, viable solution to a

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Focus Search - shopping for a software program. I see a lot of