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Eval13: Birds of a Feather - Table 31 - Can We Really Evaluate 21st Century Skills in Youth Programs?  

11-06-2013 15:37

Increasingly so, the success of today's students entering higher education and workforce is largely dependent upon acquisition of 21st Century skills. For this reason, measuring 21st century skills systematically and accurately has become a "hot-topic" as evaluators try to discover new ways to capture youth development, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication. Yet, capturing such intangible skills is difficult to do and no widely accepted assessment currently exists to capture this type of youth development in programs. Is it possible to measure 21st century skills and other types of intangible youth development skills? If so, can it be reliable and yield valid evidence of what youth are capable of in this regard? Hosts of this gathering will encourage participants to share their experiences, resources and approaches to evaluating 21st century skills in youth programs. This gathering will also provide opportunities for collaborating and exchanging information.

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