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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

We also discuss how the model has informed the assessment of the leadership portion of the program and how it has informed our theory of change model

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Focus Search - Grosshandler,  University  of  Illinois  at  Chicago American  Evaluation  Association  Annual  Conference October  2013 NSF  DUE  #0928669 Slide 2 Briefly  present  a  fully  articulated  program   model  and  show  how  it  was  used  to  help: • Develop  a  Curriculum  Rubric  for  use  in  the   program  (in  support  of  12th grade  math/science   course  development/modification) • Create  a  Theory  of  Change  (underscore  the   role  of  teacher/leader  teams) Slide 3 The  Chicago  Transformation  Teacher   Institutes  (CTTI)  is  a  program  designed  to   increase  the  content,  pedagogical  and   leadership  skills  of  high-­‐school  science  and   mathematics  teachers  through  a  teacher   leader-­‐team  approach  directed  toward   leadership  and  content  training.  

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Eval10 Session 751: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: An Evaluator Taking Stock of a Decade of Trying to Keep Up with Advocates

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: Calibrating Evaluator Engagement to the Pace of Campaigners and Advocates When Developing Theories of Change (10:00-10:45, Saturday Nov. 13). This presentation examines how advocacy in southern contexts differs from advocacy in the US, identifies three key theory of change questions, and offers preliminary steps for addressing them

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Global Campaigning, navigating complexity in multi-polar change processes

PowerPoint presentation of Oxfam America and Oxfam International climate change campaign Theory of Change diagrams, raising challenges of complexity - inter-dependencies and mutual accountability - that evaluation and strategic learning needs to grapple with

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CBD138: Define What Is To Be Evaluated – Simon Hearn

Video Available This webinar, part 2 in an 8-part series on the BetterEvaluation rainbow framework, focuses on tasks to define what is to be evaluated – developing an initial description, developing or refining the program theory/theory of change, and identifying possible unintended results

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