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Program Evaluation Standards Guiding Evaluation Capacity Development in an NIH-Funded Program

Using the JCSEE's ANSI-approved Program Evaluation Standards to identify key dimensions of quality in evaluations of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA), the authors illustrate how the resources needed for useful, feasible, proper, accurate and accountable evaluation can be sought and secured, resulting in a more effective and efficient organizational efforts to increase the volume and quality of clinical and translational research

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Eval 2013, Poster #78: Plans, Approaches, Needs, Context, & Reality: Meta-Evaluation of a Portfolio of External Climate Education Projects Funded by NASA

The meta-evaluative rubric was based on key questions related to the Program Evaluation Standards of utility, feasibility, and accuracy; draws from prior meta-evaluation work; and considers the NICE context and the concerns of the environmental and STEM education evaluation communities