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Eval11 Session 471: The Recovery-Orientation of Mental Health Programs: Valuing Different Perspectives

Recovery has increasingly been recognized in the mental health field as the primary goal of individuals receiving services. As such, it is important to understand the extent to which mental health service programs foster and promote the recovery of mental health consumers. As part of a training initiative sponsored by Maryland's Mental Health Transformation State Infrastructure Grant, this evaluation examined the recovery-orientation of several Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs

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Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: Examples from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Session: 1103 AEA 2015 in Chicago, IL "… You will finish this workshop knowing what "cost studies" all too often are, and what cost-inclusive evaluation can and should be. You will see how evaluations that include resources used the program, plus resources generated by the program, can help...

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Eval10 Session 761: Evaluation Capacity in School Mental Health: Lessons From School Counseling

The purpose of this presentation is to describe recent efforts among practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers to improve school mental health practice by fostering evaluation capacity among one group of school mental providers in one state

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Trends in Several Health and Socio-Economic Factors Related to Mental Health: Gender Differences

The data has provided a unique opportunity to identify gender differences in several health and socioeconomic factors related to mental health, such as substance use and homelessness. This analysis identifies gender differences in trends for selected risk factors among public mental health service recipients

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Eval12 Session 641: The Kindergarten Readiness Debate Resilient Children Project - Evaluating Social Emotional Development and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services in a Multi-Site Col

Session Title: The Kindergarten Readiness Debate: Evaluating Social Emotional Development and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services in a Multi-Site Collaborative The Complex Ecology of Early Childhood Mental Health Services The Consortium for Resilient Young Children (CRYC) has long advocated for the social emotional development of preschool children in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

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Eval11 Session 569: Through Their Eyes: An Evaluation of a School Based Mental Health Program

This evaluation employed a Responsive Evaluation (Stake, 2004) approach in order to determine the programs outcomes, as well as the perceived values of the stakeholder (i.e. students, parents, and staff) most intimately involved with a school based mental health (SBMH) program

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