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Eval12 Poster 185: But Does It Work? A Review of Teacher Professional Development on Formative Assessment

Poster 185 from AEA 2012: a literature review of how the concept of formative assessment has been defined, used, and evaluated through K-12 teacher professional development

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Focus Search - The characteristics of formative assessment in science education

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AEA 2013, Session 952, Evaluating Teacher Instructional Practices That Help Students Succeed

Presentation at AEA 2013, "Can Doing Something Easy Help Students Learn Something Hard?" and report and article by Rachel Hickson and Shahpar Modarresi on study of teacher instructional practices that help students succeed. #Mathematics #instructional-practices #Prek...

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Focus Search - Formative assessment

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Eval11 Session 387: Video in Evaluation - Methodological Considerations and Technical Tips

This session will explore opportunities to incorporate video into evaluation, both as a means to complement written findings and as a cognitive elicitation technique. Drawing on the presenter's experiences in an evaluation of a teacher coaching initiative, the session will include a brief...

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Evaluating Student Uses of Screencasts

Results of initial usability tests of students using the LearnChemE screencasts. Available at Mark Werner and Katherine Allison University of Colorado Boulder #ParticipatoryDesign #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #2014Conference #Screencasts ...

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Eval13: Birds of a Feather - Table 31 - Can We Really Evaluate 21st Century Skills in Youth Programs?

Increasingly so, the success of today's students entering higher education and workforce is largely dependent upon acquisition of 21st Century skills. For this reason, measuring 21st century skills systematically and accurately has become a "hot-topic" as evaluators try to discover new ways to...

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Addressing the Challenges of Systems Change Evaluation: Tools for Assessment

Existing definitions and models of systems change are reviewed, and practical challenges of systems change evaluation will be discussed. Meta-evaluation information will be used to identify the kinds of changes that occur when systems change efforts have been successful.Finally, efforts to...

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Multiple Methods for Examining Outcome Data; Eval 2009 #224

Multiple Methods for Examining Outcome Data with Implementation Data: Alternatives for Determining Key Factors of Effectiveness; W. Wolfersteig, A. Valdivia, & A. Kopak; Arizona State University. Evaluation 2009, session #224. Presentation discussed different ways the authors examined test...

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Eval11 Session 294: Beyond Induction: Articulating the Long-Term Impact of an Induction Program on Beginning Teachers and Mentor Teachers

Long-term impact is an assumed goal of most educational programs. But, most evaluation designs do not include data collection beyond short-term outcomes. This paper focuses on the value of collecting data regarding the long-term outcomes and impact of a teacher induction program on beginning...