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Monitoring and evaluation of scale up within health systems

Presentation and related publications on scaling up a reproductive health innovation, using a systems oriented approach, based on a 5 year prospective study in five countries. #scaleupME #evaluationofcomplexsystems #healthinnovations

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Power Point presentation Establishing Outputs to Impacts: Are We Miracle Workers? Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick

Power Point presentation for Roundtable at AEA Friday 18th October 8-9.30am #PowerPointforRountableatAEA201318Oct

Power Point AES AEA 2013.pdf

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Climbing the Accountability Mountain: Four INGOs' experiences implementing participatory reflection processes

These are the handouts and powerpoint presentations from the panel session. The panel took a comparative case study approach, presenting four distinct reflection and learning processes used by international INGOs (Oxfam America, ActionAid, ChildFund, and Mercy Corps). Through sharing of...

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Focus Search - Many programs used Most Significant Change method to bridge this gap

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Eval12 Session 109: "It Changed My Life" - Measuring Results of International Youth Leadership Interventions

Slides from presentation at Eval 2012 by Gene Roehlkepartain of the Search Institute, Ned Lazarus of George Mason University, and Lisa Inks of IREX. Youth interventions often seek to increase young people’s positive community engagement and strengthen fundamental life skills, including...

Measuring Results International Youth Leadership Interventions.pdf

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Conference PDW #11: RealWorld Evaluation - Practical Tips for Doing Evaluations in Spite of Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraints

Have you had the experience of being asked to perform an evaluation of a project that was almost finished, there was no baseline, and there can’t be a comparison group, yet your clients expected “rigorous impact evaluation”? Not only that, but as you were negotiating the terms of reference you...


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Eval10 Session 283: Using the Cynefin Framework in Evaluation Planning: A Case Example

This paper provides a case study of the use of the Cynefin framework in evaluation planning. The Cynefin framework is a systems thinking tool that can be used to describe evaluation situations. The framework describes four types of dynamics and corresponding types of inquiry. The paper...

Cynefin Case Example aea2010.pdf