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AEA2013 Presentation: Evaluating Training and Career Development Grants - Lessons Learned and Recommendations from the ICRP

Presentation given at AEA2013 - Health Evaluation TIG #Research,Technology,andDevelopmentEval #bestpractices #HealthEvaluation #2013Conference #benchmarks

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Focus Search - Identify and synthesize what the ICR Partners and others have done to evaluate their career development awards. 2

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Placing Teachers' Career Development in Context: Revisioning Science, Technology, Engineerig, and Mathematics (STEM) Professional Development

PowerPoint presentation for Multipaper Session 897 Evaluating Teacher Professional Development: Contexts and Methods #Evaluation2009 #Prek-12EducationalEvaluation

Davis AEA 2009 110209.ppt

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Eval10 Session 529: Taking Control of Your Evaluation Career

Sponsored by the Evaluation Managers and Supervisors TIG Presenter(s): George Grob, Center for Public Program Evaluation, Ann Maxwell, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Abstract: This session will engage its participants in a series of exercises deigned to help them understand the many possibilities of a rewarding life long career in the field of evaluation; to identify both the broad and specific skills, knowledge, and experience conducive to achieving it; to evaluate where they currently stand; and to set goals for their own personal future career development

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Every Picture Tells a Story: Flow Charts, Logic Models, LogFrames, Etc. What They Are and When to Use Them Slides and Handouts from SI10

Thomas Chapel is a Senior Evaluation Scientist in the Office of Workforce and Career Development, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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The Never Ending Quest for Balance: Graduate Students’ Professional Development Experiences

In an era of rising accountability, retention rates of graduate programs have come under scrutiny and student affairs professionals are being asked to help graduate students at increasing rates. In particular, Graduate Higher Education has done little to assess and understand graduate students'...


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Eval11 Session 904: Building a "Super" Logic Model

PowerPoint presentation from Session 904 - Building a "Super" Logic Model: Development of a System of Tiered Logic Models to Identify Key Outcomes in a Large Nonprofit Organization #LogicModels #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2011Conference

Connors, Challender, Schlose - AEA 2011.pptx

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Eval12 Session 199: Evaluation of an Inclusive Postsecondary Program for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Individual presentation from AEA Conference 2012 Panel Session #199: Evaluating Programs Targeted for Populations with Disabilities Title: Applying a Standards-Based Conceptual Framework to the Evaluation of an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Program for Individuals with Intellectual...


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Eval 2016: Mapping Sponsored Collaborations

Presentation from panel session entitled, Mapping Collaboration: Identifying Past, Present, and Future Partnerships. #Eval2016 #Collaboration #AEA2016Conference #CTSA #mapping

AEA 2016 conference revised.pptx

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Eval12 Session 925: Communicating Success Case Studies in Complex Organizations

Slides for "Communicating Success Case Studies in Complex Organizations" (includes presentation notes) Abstract: Success case studies can be an effective way to identify underlying patterns, relationships, and dynamics that lead to program success or failure. Identifying successful cases is...

AEA Communicating Success Case Studies public elibrary henderson.pptx

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Hot Tips for Rubric Design

The more simply a rubric captures complex ideas, the more deep thinking and careful design lies underneath. In this presentation, Jane shared some of the lesser-known tips for designing rubrics that are conceptually and methodologically sound, as well as great data visualization ideas for...

2016-10 AEA Hot Tips for Rubric Design.pdf