Democracy, Human Rights and Governance TIG Events 2021

During our October 2020 Board meeting, participating TIG members provided ideas for what events our membership would like in 2021. In response to that, we are organizing two to three TIG events in April, July, and October that will focus on shared learning, methodology training, crowd sourcing responses to similar challenges, and possibly linking to sister TIGs. Events will be virtual to enable as much participation as possible. Please contact Megan Guidrey for details.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance & AEA's Virtual Conference 2021

AEA 2021 Conference is the flagship learning, networking and professional association event of AEA. In addition to our annual Board meeting, DRG TIG Board will be working to provide more creative networking opportunities for members. We will actively publicize TIG member presentations across multiple media, and work to coordinate across organizations to leverage TIG exposure and learning inside and outside AEA, among other ideas. Please contact Alysson Oakley for details.

will be sending out submission guidance for this year’s annual conference, which will be in November. The conference will be virtual.  We expect proposals to be submitted between March and May. We encourage you to think early about what you would like to submit, and to consider partnering with another organization. Here is our guidance for a successful submission, and the criteria that will be used to assess submissions:

    • Clearly link the submission to the conference theme, which is “Meeting the Moment.”
    • For panels, multi-organization submissions are encouraged. Please limit single-organization panels as we are encouraging shared learning.
    • Refrain from submissions that: promote proprietary or costed products; do not articulate the link to theme; are weakly connected to DRG M&E; do not articulate relevance to other evaluators or the field

AEA 2021 Conference Side Events (November): In 2020, for the first time, presentations that did not make it onto the main conference program(due to limited conference acceptance rate) were hosted on our website and publicized them through our communications. We plan to do this again in order to give recognition and exposure to our colleagues. Please contact Marian Ware for details.

AEA365 Blogposts

AEA365 is AEA’s sponsored blogsite. Like last year, DRG TIG has reserved an entire week (7 days) in which we curate blogs and serve as the Guest Editor of AEA365. Sometime this spring we will be soliciting blog submissions from our community to be featured. Stay tuned! Please contact Alysson Oakley for details.