Looking forward to AEA 2013!

We are thankful for the continued support of the 1459 members of this TIG. The leadership team has changed and past AEA president and immediate past Chair Donna Mertens, Ph.D. continues to provide guidance during this transition.

The AEA membership has been asked to reflect on the following stimulus questions as they prepare to examine the State of Evaluation Practice (in the Early 21st Century) at Evaluation 2013:
  • who conducts evaluations? 
  • what types are performed? 
  • what methods are used? and 
  • what differences have emerged given the diversity among practitioners and approaches?
The present TIG leadership believes that the use of mixed methods to answer evaluation questions will be at the heart at many discussions across the various TIGs. We are keen to help our colleagues define the approaches they utilize in their work in various contexts. A wonderful panel of experts has already agreed to come to our Business Meeting in Washington for Evaluation 2013, October. See you there!!