Hello, Mixed Methods in Evaluation TIG Members!


As we move towards the AEA proposal submission deadline of April 22nd, we'd like to encourage you all to submit your work for presentation at our 2022 meeting in New Orleans and to become a reviewer for our TIG. Here’s the information we hope will be helpful…


What will the review process look like this year?

Similar to 2021, each proposal this year will be blind-reviewed by 3 reviewers according to 8 criteria:

  • Relevance to MME TIG
  • Technical Quality
  • Innovativeness
  • Capacity Building
  • The likelihood that this topic will appeal to a specific audience of AEA members
  • Focus on Broad Evaluation Issues
  • Relevance to Conference Theme
  • Advancing diversity within the field

Among these, members agreed that the first four listed above (relevance to our TIG, technical quality, innovativeness, and potential to build capacity) were the most important and should be prioritized. If your proposal does not explicitly draw on mixed-methods or you don’t make it clear why you are submitting to this TIG, you risk being scored low in this category. The takeaway? Make sure your proposal fits the TIG, make sure it’s high quality and if possible, explain how it is innovative and likely to build capacity. Those who attended the prior business meetings also mentioned a particular interest in submissions that focused on the analysis of mixed method data sources and creative applications that would be interesting to those even in other topics/content areas than the presenter.


Don’t want to do it alone?

Think you might want to collaborate on a possible symposium, multi-paper session? If you have an idea and want to find others with the same interest, add your idea and information here.


Be on the inside—be a reviewer, be an MME hero!

Our TIG typically has a great group of volunteers and the load is generally light, usually just 3-4 proposals total. We would also like to take this opportunity to ask for volunteers who are willing to chair a session and/or review proposals.  If you are interested in doing either (or both!), please join the list by sharing your info on this form

Remember, proposals are due April 22.  


Thank you so much for your ongoing participation and work moving mixed methods evaluation forward!




Jenna LaChenaye



Jennifer Ridgeway

MME Program Chair