About The Health TIG

The Health Topical Interest Group (TIG) is the largest group of professionals involved in the evaluation of health and human service programs in the world. Our members aim to improve health-related programs through practical but rigorous evaluation methods and procedures. These evaluations not only examine the impact or effectiveness of health programs and services but also their cost effectiveness and benefit to society.

Comprised of over 1,500 evaluation professionals, our members are interested in the evaluation of public health, health education, health services, and healthcare programs. Our member's interests range from examining the impact of the Affordable Care Act to obesity prevention programs for youth. Our members are employed in universities, state and federal agencies, and private organizations throughout the world.

We also serve as a resource for the training of students and professionals involved in health program evaluation, career opportunities, policy-making, networking, and respond to technical assistance requests to organizations throughout the world.

Each year, the Health TIG sponsors over 50 peer-reviewed presentations, think-tanks, posters, and skill-building sessions at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) annual conference. The highest rated presentation that year is invited to present at the Health TIG Business Meeting session. Additionally, we hold an annual social event ("TIG Dinner") at the yearly conference so that Health TIG members can network and socialize.

If you are involved in any aspect of health evaluation, we invite you to become a member of the Health TIG.  You can select this when you renew your AEA membership or in your AEA member account.

Feel free to contact any member of the Health TIG leadership for more information.