TIG Leadership

The AEA’s annual conference is coming up and the CDTIG leadership is looking forward to seeing you at the business meeting! In addition to using this time to discuss community development related content, we will be hosting elections for our TIG Chair and TIG Program Chair. To maximize efficiency during the meeting, we ask that you send commdevtig@gmail.com an email nominating yourself or others for the opening positions. Please provide a first and last name and identify which position you are nominating the individual for by Wednesday, October 24. We will compile all nominations into a list that will be distributed and voted on during the business meeting. Below is a description taken from the TIG Resource Guide on the responsibilities assumed for each position:

VII. LEADERSHIP: Each Topical Interest Group must elect a Chair (or co-chairs) and a Program Chair (or program co-chairs). The same person may serve in both positions. The leaders must be elected for a term of no more than three years, renewable. TIGs may have other leaders or officers as desired.

  1. TIG CHAIR: The TIG Chair is responsible for convening the TIG business meeting at the annual conference. This meeting will be scheduled by the AEA office in consultation with the TIG Program Chair as part of the conference program. The TIG Chair is also responsible for overseeing the planning and development of any TIG activities outside of the annual meeting.
  2. TIG PROGRAM CHAIR: Although the office of TIG Program Chair may be shared, each TIG shall designate one and only one TIG member as the lead Program Chair for the AEA annual meeting. The lead TIG Program Chair will coordinate the planning, development and implementation of the TIG’s program at the annual meeting.

Thank you for your continued contribution, and we look forward to seeing you in October!

Current Leadership: 

David Chavis, Ph.D.

Amy Minzner, MSCRP, MA
AEA CD TIG Program Chair

Linda Nguyen, MEd, MPA
AEA TIG CD Program Co chair