Welcome to the Community Development TIG website!

The Community Development TIG is focused on providing a forum for communication, learning, mutual support and professional development for those interested in evaluating programs and policies focused on transforming places through social, economic, political, physical changes. In this context, community development includes initiatives grounded in neighborhoods, cities, counties, and wider regions.

Some of the expected topics of interest will include:

  • methodologies for evaluating complex communities,
  • measuring local involvement from various entities looking to inspire change,
  • understanding the role of the “community” in transformation,
  • equitable development, and
  • specific approaches to multi-disciplinary community development.



The Community Development TIG (CD TIG) is now official! Thank you for participating in this important network.

Please help to energize this new group by engaging with the TIG. See the volunteer opportunities below to get a sense of how you might participate.

Over the next year, we look forward to working with you to create a vibrant space to share ideas and resources about evaluation in the community development context.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are number of immediate volunteer opportunities:

  • Submit an abstract to the CD TIG for this fall’s Evaluation 2018 conference. Please focus submissions on the conference theme, “Speaking Truth to Power,” within the community context
  • Play a leadership role in the CD TIG
  • Encourage your colleagues to join the CD TIG

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email CDTIG@communityscience.com and David Chavis (TIG Chair), Amy Minzner (Program Chair), or Nour Elshabassi (Program Assistant) will get back to you.