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Websites as a path forward for community-based research presentation slides 

12-02-2019 09:12

Across multiple prevention initiatives in Ohio, we have found success using interactive websites to strengthen community-based research (CBR) approaches, whereby community leaders and researchers work together to tackle issues of substance abuse. We empower communities with an emerging capacity to take ownership of the initiatives and the learning process, including contributing to the website. As researchers, we step back to provide a pedagogical framework via website resources, virtual learnings, and self-driven access that enhance community capacity and sustainability of the initiative. Website content is developed based upon feedback, designed to meet communities at different stages of the learning process, and archived as on-demand resources, empowering communities to mobilize themselves and overcome the paucity of economic and educational resources often available at the community level. The slides from this demonstration show how to strengthen sustainability and capacity building efforts via websites as a way to disseminate information and engage stakeholders, including community members. The handout links to relevant pages discussed in the presentation.

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