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Using GIS in Evaluation Handout from SI10 

06-24-2010 10:11

Session Description: At a broad level this workshop will provide an overview of what a geographic information system (GIS) is and ways in which one can be used for evaluative purposes. Specifically, workshop participants will be engaged in an interactive presentation and discussion about how these systems can be used in multiple settings (organizations and schools, communities, states). Learning objectives for participants include:

  • Understanding how GIS can be used to develop and answer evaluation questions.
  • Learning how GIS data can be used in conjunction with other types of data to approach evaluation questions through multiple methods.
  • Becoming acquainted with GIS resources (e.g., websites, software, hardware, archival and pre-existing data sources) which are available to assist practitioners and researchers in obtaining and analyzing GIS data.
  • Discussing a “real-world” case example which utilized a multi-method approach (including GIS methods) to evaluate a collaborative community-based project which aims to increase physical activity in high-crime low-income neighborhoods.

This workshop has been developed for participants who have minimal knowledge of GIS and its uses; however, it is assumed that novice GIS users who attend this workshop will be able to broaden their knowledge-base through the interactive discussion and completion of the learning objectives.

Duncan Meyers is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical/Community Psychology program at the University of South Carolina. He got his start in evaluation as the Evaluation Coordinator for a pilot System of Care project which sought to transform the community-based child mental health services of a large metropolitan area. Since that time, Duncan has been an evaluator for a University-based Center for Public Health Preparedness which conducted large scale trainings for local public health practitioners, has been en evaluator of an after-school program which aimed to increase physical activity for middle school students, and has been an evaluator for a community-based project which aims to increase physical activity for adults. Currently, Duncan is the project director for an NIH funded environmentally-based intervention which seeks to increase physical activity in high-crime low-income neighborhoods.

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