Evaluation 2020

The State of the Field of MERLTech 

10-23-2020 16:55

Monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) have changed significantly over the past
decade due to advances in technology and data. This poster summarizes prominent and emerging
evaluation practices and shares and discusses findings from a collaborative research effort that
examined the state of the field for integrating technology into transdisciplinary monitoring,
evaluation, research, and learning activities between 2014-2019. We discuss research on
three waves of tech present in the MERL space between 2014 and 2019: First wave: Tech for
Traditional MERL (including mobile phones, satellites, and increasingly sophisticated data
bases) used to do ‘what we’ve always done’. Second wave: Big Data and data science
approaches in MERL. Third: Emerging approaches that use new sources and forms of data;
different modalities of data collection, storage, and organization; and new techniques for data
processing and analysis. The poster shares and discusses recommendations for future research and

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A review of research of the state of the field between 2014-2019 in three waves, traditional MERL, Big Data and Emerging Technology