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The Future of Analysis in Evaluation: The Basics of R for Every Evaluation 

12-03-2019 13:27

Conference Presentations Slides and handout and link to other resources like R code from AEA 2019.

Are you intrigued by the analytic software R but you’re too nervous to dive into it yourself? This demonstration session provides examples and scripts in RStudio for common evaluation analyses along with tips for transitioning from SPSS and Excel. Quantitative analysis is a core skill for evaluators; however, tools for these analyses are costly. The future of quantitative analysis in evaluation should be accessible, free, and open-source. R creates an opportunity to “leave no one behind” when conducting analyses because barriers of cost are removed and learning tools are accessible. Attendees will gain a concrete understanding of RStudio basics, packages and codes specific for common evaluation analyses. Presenters will provide a handout of R scripts for attendees’ future use and a list of resources to continue building their skills. Come prepared with R and RStudio downloaded and the following packages installed: jmv, psych, summarytools, gmodels, readr, and car.

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