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Some Not So Random Thoughts About Random Control Trials 

10-28-2013 10:28

Random Control Trial (RCTs) evaluation designs in which potential participants are randomly selected to receive a program or become part of a control group that does not receive the program are an effective method of determining program impact, when used appropriately. A well designed RCT addresses factors other than the program that can influence a program’s effectiveness in order to link results achieved (or not) to the program intervention. RCTs are by no means the only scientifically rigorous method, nor are they always appropriate. This presentation summarizes the evaluation literature on conditions under which it may be inappropriate to use an RCT design. Conditions considered include the nature of the program and potential interventions; the evaluation questions being addressed; the maturity, target audience, intervention specificity, and level of funding for the program; ethical considerations; and the length of time and funding available to conduct the RCT.

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