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Shining a light into the black box of dose: Measuring and evaluating the impact of dose on awareness in a community-based initiative promoting healthy fish consumption 

10-23-2020 07:11

Process evaluations measure how well interventions are implemented and often include measures of dose, or ‘the quantity of intervention messages delivered’. Measuring dose helps evaluators understand if participants are receiving the intended quantity of messages and if those messages are leading to desired outcomes. Measuring dose in community initiatives is a black box that comprises many unique factors (e.g., intensity, mode, and messenger) which can be illuminated through creative methods for characterizing dose intended and dose received.  Through an initiative to increase awareness of healthy fish consumption guidelines, we developed a method to characterize intended dose across six community-initiative strategies ranging from targeted Facebook ads to healthcare visit summaries. We fielded a survey to measure dose received and awareness of fish consumption guidelines. Results of this simple strategy to measure the impact of dose on community-initiative outcomes will enlighten our future initiative strategies and others to come.

TIG: Health Evaluation

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We (1) developed a unique methodto define dose intensity, (2) compared dose delivered to received, and (3) compared intensity of dose delivered to outcomes (e.g. awareness of healthy fish guidelines) in a community initiative