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Shift the attention from research design to research use: What school administrators and policy makers need to know when presented with research? 

11-30-2009 15:58

As schools turn to data-driven decision making to improve student achievement, research is playing an increasingly important role in local policy making. Efforts have been made to help policy makers better understand research with a focus on research design and method. However, how to better use research has received little attention. This paper addresses this matter by discussing five issues concerning interpreting and applying research: 1) there is a difference between sample-based and population-based research; 2) statistical results are best guesses rather than decisive answers; 3) statistically significant results are not everything; 4) not all research results are applicable to local setting; and 5) research results are just one source of evidence. It is hoped that school administrators will have a new perspective when interpreting and applying research and feel empowered to ask more from researchers.

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