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Sexual Orientation on Surveys 

03-19-2012 16:54

This paper is a "must read" for any evaluator who works with programs that may have lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered persons, or persons questioning their sexual orientation. Asking questions on sexual orientation is not only necessary for scientific, practical, and policy purposes, but the recent research documented in this report demonstrates that it is also possible to include such questions on surveys without sacrificing data integrity or respondent retention. This report addresses the questions that arise once researchers have decided to include sexual orientation questions, including what to ask, where to ask it, and how to analyze the data, all in the context of a diverse population. The report outlines some “best practices” for actually putting the decision to ask sexual orientation questions into practice.

#Lesbian,Gay,BisexualandTransgenderIssues #DiversityandInclusion #Instruments

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03-19-2012 16:57

See also: Joe Heimlich's Coffee Break Webinar (CBD040) on Adding LGBT Response Option to Questionnaires from February 2011 (the link is pasted below)